About the author:
Yakob K. Adhanom was born and raised in Eritrea, East Africa. He emigrated from Eritrea to the United States due to Eritrea’s political instability. Over the next few decades, Adhanom realized the man he wanted to be and the virtues he wanted to espouse.

Now, Adhanom lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two children. He works for the Gwinnett County Public Schools. Adhanom is hard at work on his next book, which will answer the question of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God/Allah. In his spare time, Adhanom enjoys discussions about politics and faith, and he collects different currencies.


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Diverge: Wake up to the

purposeful life you are

meant to live

Authored by Yakob Kidane Adhanom
Edition: 2nd

Life is full of good versus bad choices. In the United States, about

eight thousand high school students drop out every day.

In colleges as well, more students drop out than graduate. Hayet

is one such teen. He helps others to achieve purpose, but can’t

help himself. His big heart and clear call is eclipsed by prioritizing

fun over fulfillment.

His adoptive parents, the Calebs, expect him to be their new hope.

Their own sons, Tobias and Sanballat, have lost their way, no longer

believing they have a greater spiritual purpose. Instead, they

squabble over money and view Hayet with suspicion and jealousy.

When Hayet is accepted to an Ivy League university, he

thinks he can remain strong. Unfortunately, he loses his own

way in this new environment.

Readers will feel Hayet’s anguish as he grows farther and

farther away from God’s plans. Can Hayet open his heart and

follow the right path once again? Or is he destined to become as

greedy and cruel as his brothers?

Author Yakob K. Adhanom has based Hayet’s story on real

events. He uses Hayet’s journey as the beginning of a greater

discussion about uncovering God’s plan for your own life and

committing yourself to your true purpose.

Publication Date: Nov 19 2016
ISBN/EAN13: 1537007793 / 9781537007793
LCCN: 2016916126
Page Count: 386
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Family & Relationships / Parenting /
                                    Parent & Adult Child

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