Unprecedented Life Journey

Unprecedented Life Journey has a GPS. This GPS provides life, location, and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on earth, even in obstructed line of sight. It never fails and is far more valuable and accurate than a satellite-based navigation system. This GPS can provide countless benefits. It can make one wealthy, healthy, and wise. It makes the days of one’s life long in the land that God gives to a person. It is invaluable and worth more than anything else for whoever utilizes it wisely, fairly, and justly. It makes one (VIP), Very Important Person. The most important person in the world is not a GPS-less president. It is still not the king, the queen, a billionaire, a celebrity, a Grammy award or Nobel Peace prizewinner. It is not the United Nations, European Union, African Union, or Arab league secretary general. The most important person in the world is you, regardless of how you view it. The reason is God has created you fearfully and wonderfully in His image for one purpose—to make a difference in people’s lives by serving others. This is the only way of becoming a somebody from a nobody. It is all contingent upon your choices.

Great Service Ever

Life is not about living for yourself or about mere material abundance. It is about knowing God, prioritizing your life, and serving others honestly, justly, and fairly. By doing so, one can find the purpose of one's calling. However, it all depends on individual choices. These choices have significant consequences: life and death, blessings and curses. By choosing life, one can live a full and rewarding life. Unprecedented Life Journey shows how an aspiring student deviated from purposeful living. Instead of admitting and diverging from his wrong doings, he decided to hide his failures and continue his wild living. Eventually, his poor choices caught up with him, causing suspension from university a few months before graduation. Consequently, he worked menial jobs that barely covered his needs while his classmates who stayed faithful to their educational goals enjoy abundance. Unprecedented Life Journey encourages the ones that are living intentionally to stay focused. It also helps the lost to embrace the forgotten virtue, and redeem the squandered prodigal ages to put first things first.

Love Your Journey

Yakob Kidane Adhanom was born in Eritrea, East Africa. As a teenager, he migrated out of his country due to political instability and arrived in the United States of America. Surviving through Unprecedented Life Journeys, he stands as a testimony that all things are possible. He has been through extremely difficult situations and in places, he would not wish others to experience, including a few decades of wasted years caused by divergence from intentional living, due to overconfidence and mistakes viewed as “simple daily error.” The life lesson character purging and sifting shaped him to be a suitable transforming catalyst of the lost into productive knights through lay ministries. He had several divine encounters with God—the calling of his name, knocking on his windows, and dreaming fulfilled dreams with an assurance, “I am with you.” Should you trust the author? Read and pursue, he has much to offer. Yakob enjoys political discussions, faith issues, and collecting currencies. He lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and their two children and works for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

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Americas’ naturalized citizen, from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia; Yakob Kidane Adhanom’s highly anticipated debut, book is coming soon; with the launch of “UNPRECEDENTED LIFE JOURNEY: from Africa to the United States of America.”